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193rd Royal Hibernian Academy Annual

Hi everyone,

Just a short note....

A few weekends ago I finally managed to get to Dublin to see the Annual Exhibition at the RHA. While I've had a piece accepted each year recently, this was the first time I had a portrait accepted, so that was a big milestone for me!

In front of my Portrait Study of Eva at the RHA.

It's a really great exhibition, as usual, with a diverse range of work. So much I would love to take home with me! If you haven't seen the exhibition yet, it runs till July 31st, so there is still time! You will find my portrait on the first floor.

For those who want to know, Eva is a beautiful Dutch girl who has posed for me a few times in the past while.

In other news, summer has arrived and the last weekend of the Cornerstone course took place in June. Together with the Schoolhouse for Art in Enniskerry, we will be running this exciting ten weekend programme again from September. More information here:

I will have another work on show at the First Biennial Exhibition of The Ballinglen Arts Foundation and Museum of Art

Exhibition Open to Public from October 8th, 2023 to January 10th 2024

Finally, in September I will be doing an artist residency in Listowel, Co. Kerry, thanks to the Olive Stack Gallery., Listowel. Plans may change, but I am hoping to focus on some landscape work while there. I am also open to any portrait commissions from people in Ireland, if you fancied dropping down to Kerry.....

Then it will be back to Amsterdam for teaching in the Wackers Academy, where I will be doing my usual Monday night classes, but there are also plans to run a weekly portrait class and a masterclass sometime in November. Keep the website of the Wackers Academy in your sights if you are interested in either of these.

That's all for now,

All the best,


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