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New Art Education Programme in Ireland

Hi everybody,

Some of you may have seen on social media that I have started an exciting new collaboration with the amazing Schoolhouse for Art in Enniskerry - a programme of 10 weekends covering all of the fundamentals of drawing and painting. Designed to offer a solid foundation for people interested in drawing and painting from direct observation, with a balance of theory and practice, this has a been an intensive work in progress over the past few months and we are very excited to launch it. It's called the Cornerstone and you can find all the information here. Applications are being accepted now, so if you think this might be something for you check it out! As Course Director I will be teaching 6 of the 10 weekends myself, and other weekends will be taught by Sahoko Blake, Dave West and Jim Harris.

I have a busy summer teaching - just finishing up a Portrait Summer Course at the Wackers Academie in Amsterdam and will be doing a Flowers one in August. Both fully booked right now, unfortunately, but you can always get your own group together and I can come and run a workshop with you! I really love sharing the knowledge I have gained on this painting journey and I always learn so much from my students!

In exhibition news, I will be having a small exhibition in Galerie Nakai towards the end of August, showing some recent work, and of course I keep my galleries, Kilbaha Gallery, Ross Fine Art, Gallery 1608 and ArtaCasa stocked with new work.

Here are a few images from the work I will be showing in Galerie Nakai.

Wishing all my readers a wonderful creative summer!


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