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Saying Goodbye

People often ask me if its difficult to say goodbye to my paintings when someone buys them. When I started out I must admit it was hard. Over the years I've learned to get used to it though, and now I actually get excited when I'm packaging up paintings to send all over the world. This week I said goodbye to 'Blue Masai', below.This is such a special painting! It's one of two I painted on Lamu Island off the coast of Kenya in 2013, during the painters festival there. Iniitally it was the colour of the robes I wanted to paint, but I also wanted to create some alternative to the cliched images we have of the Masai. I hope I succeded in some way to do this.

Here's a link to the painting festival site and to some photos of one of my sessions with him:

This one has gone to New York. The other one is in Dubai. And John, the very gracious Masai man who posed for me? I imagine he is still to be found selling colourful handmade Masai jewellery on Lamu.

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