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Exhibition News from the Studio

Hi there,

Thought I'd send out a little update - its been far too long!

Dutch Portrait Society

Let's start with what's up and coming: From 5 to 9 June, I'll be exhibiting some recent portraits with the Dutch Portrait Society (Nederlands Portretschap) in Loods 6 in Amsterdam. Alongside the portraits of fellow members and guest exhibitors, there is an exciting programme of events on offer, including the opening on Thursday 6 June by Mishca Wertheim. You can find all the details and the invitation here, featuring work by my colleague Irma Braat:

It will be a feast for the eyes of any portrait lover and is a lovely opportunity to say hello so please do drop by. I will definitely be there all day on Wednesday 5th June, as well as at the opening and the finissage.

Here is a sneak preview of one portrait I will be showing, but there will be many more!

Marc, 30 x 30 cm, oil on canvas

Royal Hibernian Academy

In other news, last weekend I got to the Varnishing Day at the Royal Hibernian Academy, where I yet again have managed to have a piece selected. This time, a piece on paper made during my residency at the Olive Stack Gallery in Listowel last September. Oh my, what a month that was! And Ballybunion beach is out of this world, with waves that truly took my breath away in the sun drenched, heatwaved days of early September in the West. This piece is called "The Wave' and is on show amongst so many other brilliant works at the RHA, Ely Place Dublin until 4th August. Go see! My piece is on the ground floor behind the stairs. It is framed behind glass, as it is on paper.

Portraits in Ruurlo

Recently I made a portrait of Adrijan Sinisa Rajic and was invited to exhibit it as part of the exhibition "Verre Gezichten Dichtbij" in Ruurlo. The focus of the exhibition is on asylum seekers and the idea was to profile asylum seekers who are artists and exhibit their work alongside Dutch artists. You can read the story of Adrijan here:

And here is a preview of the portrait:

There is lots of other news of course, and I'll send another newsletter soon.

Hope to see you at the Portretschap!



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