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Portrait Biennale, Commissions and more

Hi there,

The Biennale opened last night to a packed exhibition space. The exhibition is really diverse: there really is something for everyone! It runs until Sunday 9 June at Loods 6 KNSMlaan, Amsterdam. There are alot of fringe activities and a final finissage on Sunday, so check out

Here are some more of the paintings I have on show. Some of my portraits come into being as commissions, and others happen when I ask people to sit for me. If you ever fancy having a portrait made of you, let me know!

Sammy, 32 x 30 cm, oil on canvas

Phoebe, 18 x 24 cm, oil on canvas

Jacqueline, 38 x 48 cm oil on canvas

Here is another recent commission I worked on a gorgeous 9 year old boy, James:

James, 42 x 31 cm, oil on canvas

That's all for now!

Maybe see you there,



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