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New Paintings opening this Friday at Galerie Nakai

Hi everyone,

Just a little post to let you know about my upcoming exhibition at Galerie Nakai in Tournus, France. The exhibition will open this Friday 23 September and will feature gouache paintings by the Japanese artist, Kouta Sasai and .some of my recent paintings. Mostly still lives, and one figure piece "Eva with Delphiniums" (see below).

Other works on show will range from works like "Daffodils", below, to the quieter "Grapes" and "Tabletop" , also pictured below.

Of course, Tournus is not around the corner for most of you, but if you did happen to be taking an early Autumn break in that part of France, I am sure gallery owners, Hiromi and Gregor would be delighted to show you around! Or you can make contact with them if you are interested in any of the pieces.

That's all from me,

With very best wishes,



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