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So this summer in the west of Ireland, I started experimenting with gouache. I had never used it before and really didn't know anything about it. Originally used as a medium for commercial images, because of its matte flatness, it's kind of like an opaque watercolour. I began using it on acrylic paper, and using it quite thickly in layers, like this:

Kilkee 2019

Loop Head landscape 2019

While I was pleased with some of the results, I was struggling to find a technique that suited me. I like to mess about with paint and after a bit more experimentation I came up with a way of working that suits me better, working on hot or cold pressed Arches paper. I discovered that working with gouache is all in the paper!

Here are some examples:

This is a way of working that is a lot looser and suits me better. A couple of these works will be on display at exhibition at the Wackers Academie, opening this Saturday at 16h. The exhibition will show work that we teachers at the academy made during or around the summer break.

You are very welcome to attend! Maybe see you there on Saturday!

Wackers Academie, Eerste Helmersstraat 271, 1054 DZ Amsterdam


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